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Celebrating How SalesForce Delivered for Package Concierge

PC_logo-gradient-00000206Of course, we’re big believers in the power of SalesForce (it is, after all, our business to ‘unleash the power’ of SalesForce), but when the results are big enough news for salesforce to do a success story themselves, we have to celebrate on behalf of our client.

Salesforce’s case study on Package Concierge highlights how the company is utilizing SF to improve operations and serve their customers. The great news is that, with smart design and implementation, SF can add incredible value to organizations. Great reading for anyone who is looking for new ways SF can be utilized to transform problems into solutions.

“Eustace fueled and expanded our SalesForce strategy by showing us the power of the tool and then designing and implementing each facet on time and within budget. They know the meaning of the word partnership, and we look forward to continuing to find new ways that SalesForce can enhance our customer relationships.”

Barry Hume, President, Package Concierge

Here’s to all of us on the development side who continue to work side by side as an adjunct of our customers’ team to help them stay on top.


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