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salesforce knowledge public website – Spectracom case study

We are excited to announce our second successful salesforce knowledge public solution! For those unaware, salesforce knowledge is’s cloud knowledge base management software solution. Knowledge takes the previously used Solutions, and amplifies them, allowing customers to easy search an online knowledgebase, vote on articles up or down, and perform case deflection.

Our first public knowledge implementation for ShoretelSky has created a buzz of activity. You can read about it here

Spectracom SupportPresented with our next challenge, we worked with the folks over at Spectracom. Spectracom is a global provider of unique and precise solutions for positioning, navigation, and timing applications related to GPS and the expanding eco-system of global navigation satellite systems. They precisely synchronize, simulate and navigate. Similar to Shoretelsky, Spectracom was challenged with being able to push salesforce’s knowledge solution online, while creating a visually appealing and consistent branding throughout.

Previously, we worked with salesforce knowledge and Twitter Bootstrap , however, Spectracom was leveraging DotNet Nuke as its content management system. Fortunately, we were able to leverage our salesforce knowledge framework and launch the project with success!

Spectracom now has a fully indexed, searchable, and categorized knowledge solution managed entirely in
Spectracom’s public knowledge solution can be seen at

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